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Is IVF Covered in California?

In California insurers and employers are required to offer coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, however they are not required to cover the IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment itself.

For prospective patients in California, this means that your insurance provider is required to offer coverage for testing and diagnosis, but your plan itself may not include it. With that said, many fertility clinics are able to bill your initial consultation and diagnostic testing under investigation of a general disease. You can contact clinics below to see what may be covered by your insurance.

The mandate means that most people in California do have to pay for IVF treatment out of pocket, unless their employer offers coverage for fertility treatments. We recommend using IVF Options to compare fertility clinics to find the right option for your needs and budget.


Fertility Clinics in California

IVF success rates shown above are for under the age of 35. Learn more about IVF Options data. We welcome feedback on our data and platform. Click here to provide feedback.


How much does IVF cost in California?

An IVF cycle in California costs from $6,850 to $20,000. With a $13,150 price difference between clinics, it’s important to compare fertility clinics and doctors before choosing where to go.


IVF Success Rates in California

Success rates in California for women under the age of 35 range from 16.7% to 77.3% per IVF cycle. That’s a 60.6% difference in the clinic’s ability to help their patients have babies, which greatly impacts the overall cost of your treatment.

The IVF success rate means your likelihood of getting pregnant and delivering a baby, based on which clinic you go to. Price doesn’t always correlate to a higher success rate, so we recommend doing your research and comparing clinics and doctors.

IVF Success Rate data is collected from the CDC’s 2018 Fertility Clinic Success Rates Report. We report on live birth success rates per transfer. This tells you how many cycles with transfers result in a baby. In other cases, there are cycles where an egg is retrieved but there are no embryos to transfer or the cycle is cancelled for whatever reason. Those two scenarios are excluded in this number.

Use IVF Options to compare all California fertility clinics prices, success rates and patient reviews. You can book a consultation or request more information from the clinic.


Why Compare Fertility Clinics?

With a $13,150 price difference and a 60.6% difference in IVF success rates, it is important to research and compare fertility clinics to find the right option for your unique needs. We recommend considering location, doctors, IVF price, success rates and patient reviews when choosing a fertility clinic.


How to Choose a Fertility Clinic in California?

When considering where to go for IVF treatment, it is important to consider:

  • Clinic location
  • Cost of IVF treatment
  • Success rate in your age range
  • Fertility doctors
  • Other patient reviews


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