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IVF is a month long cycle where ovaries are stimulated, eggs are retrieved and fertilized to create embryos. Once matured, the embryo(s) are transferred into the uterus. Medication is also required.


Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing involves a two week cycle in which the ovaries are stimulated to grow eggs. The eggs are then retrieved and frozen for future use. Medication is also required.



Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a procedure where the sperm is placed inside the uterus. An IUI includes ovarian stimulation, monitoring, and the IUI procedure. Medication is also required.



A consultation generally includes a 1 hour visit with a fertility specialist and diagnostic testing. Following the consultation, a treatment plan is provided to thepatient.


IVF Success Rate

Smart IVF
Age Range
Success Rate
Under 35 N/A
35 - 37 N/A
38 - 40 N/A
41 - 42 N/A
Over 42

About the Clinic


SMART IVF was founded in 2016 as an extension of Aspire Fertility. The clinic is supported by the wonderful team of physicians at Aspire Fertility in San Antonio. Magdalena Salinas, MPAS, PA-C, sees patients for monitoring at SMART IVF in collaboration with her team at Aspire Fertility.


Hours of Operation
Weekdays N/A
Saturday N/A
Sunday N/A


  • Magdalena Salinas
  • Aimee Browne
  • Ursula Balthazar
  • Courtney Failor

location pinOffice Locations

  • McAllen, 78504


Hours of Operation
Weekdays N/A
Saturday N/A
Sunday N/A

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