Top 5 Cheapest Fertility Clinics in Florida

Choosing a clinic can be difficult

At IVF Options, we understand the importance of making an informed decision on fertility clinics, especially when considering the cost of treatment. Making an informed decision can be difficult, especially with the number of operating clinics. For example, in South and Central Florida, there are 25 fertility clinics with 65 locations! ⁠

We’re here to help!

Choosing the right fertility clinic and doctor includes a blend of location, prices, success rates, and overall patient experience. At IVF Options we provide a full list of all accredited fertility clinics near you so that you can make an informed decision about where to go for treatment.⁠ We recommend requesting more information from a couple of clinics you are considering, to ask your questions and see where you feel most comfortable to take the next step and book a consultation.⁠ If you have any questions we offer free calls with Fertility Advisors on⁠

Top 5 most affordable IVF clinics in Florida

As treatment prices vary by $13,000 from clinic to clinic in Florida, we took initiative to compile a list of the top 5 most affordable clinics to get IVF treatment from! Learn more about how we estimated these prices:

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1. F.I.R.S.T., Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies

Location: Miami

2. Fertility Center of Orlando

Location: Orlando 

3. Polcz Fertility Center

Location: Greater Miami

4. Florida Fertility Institute

Location: Tampa

5. Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine 

Location: Jacksonville

Think IVF is out of reach? Think again.⁠

IVFoptions offers affordable monthly payment plans with $0 down, to help patients without insurance get the treatment they need.⁠ In Florida, you can get a fresh cycle of IVF with medication included for as low as $243 per month. (Subject to approval. Monthly cost will change based on which clinic you choose, and if you get an additional treatments).⁠ 

You can get pre-approved online at You can also view all fertility clinics near you, along with costs, success rates, and other patient reviews to find the right option for you. By filling out our free fertility survey in under 1 minute.